Previously known as Sitebubo.

We created Sitemoni to be the swiss-army knife of monitoring tools for your site. Designed to give you a sense of web calm.

About us

Hey, I'm Iqbal Ali. Co-founder and CEO of Sitemoni, the swiss-army knife of monitoring tools.

I'm also a graphic novelist. In fact, that's my primary passion and creative outlet.

Now, I’m someone who doesn’t like to have my comic book work interrupted. And I speak as someone who has had an important email account go down on me; I’ve also had my site hacked and sales stealthily hijacked. Both these crises happened without my noticing for weeks and resulted in hours and hours of unscheduled, reactive, repair work.

These days, our online presence is a second life for us, so these were major events with major consequences. These also could have been avoided if I were to run different manual checks through multiple tools. Doing that would have allowed me to be much more proactive with my time and energy.

But here’s the thing: I don’t like checking multiple places.

This is why Co-founder Nasir and I started Sitemoni. We want to enable ourselves and others to be proactive with their time and energy. We want to provide users with malware monitors, regular SEO, performance and keyword ranking checks. It includes checking cybersecurity risks like online phishing by hackers. All with valuable and actionable insights to boot.

We want people to spend time on the areas of their lives that matter. Whether that may be creating graphic novels or spend more time with their families (or both!). We don't want them worrying about things better left to automated tools.

Iqbal Ali

Founding members

Mohammed Sharif

CFO and co-founder

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Nasir Islam

CTO and co-founder

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Iqbal Ali

CEO and co-founder

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