Previously known as Sitebubo.

We created Sitemoni to be the swiss-army knife of monitoring tools for your site. Designed to give you a sense of web calm.

Press mentions


8 March 2021

"Our online presence has become more important to us than ever during the pandemic with businesses relying on their sites now more than ever. Workers are working remotely now where previously they used to be inside offices protected by secure networks.

"As a result of these changes, cybersecurity is an area of massive concern, with MetaCompliance and others predicting that cybersecurity will be the next global pandemic."

Read the full interview with CEO and Co-founder Iqbal Ali.

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15 March 2021

"An SEO drop for your website for a long time can have significant implications for your business. It can also be pretty hard to recover from because Google, much like an elephant, never forgets!"

Read the article our CEO Iqbal Ali wrote for Tech Radar.

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