Previously known as Sitebubo.
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Website monitoring made easy

The swiss army knife of monitoring tools for your online business.

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All in one solution

All the important monitors in one place

Continuous monitoring

Automated checks at regular intervals

Instant notification

Instant notifications when issues occur

Health check reports

Receive reports of health checks regularly


Know when your website is down before your customers with up to 1 minute interval checks.

SEO health

Weekly SEO scans of your website ensures you are always aware of what is affecting the health of your site.

Keyword ranking

Track the performance of your keywords in Google's search engine


Frequent scans of your website to monitor for malware and blacklisting. Instant notifications of breaches.

Site speed

Keep an eye on how fast your website is loading. See what is affecting your Google page speed score.

Regular reports

Regularly receive a detailed 20-30 page PDF report of the live status of your website.

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